Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Stepmother in Nigeria castrate, cuts tongue and blinds 2-year-old boy (photos)

In what can be described as the most vicious and hideous assault on a child, a woman has been arrested in Kano State, Nigeria, for brutalizing her two-year-old stepson, and in the process, castrated him by slicing open his testicle with a sharp blade, cutting his tongue, breaking both arms and legs as well as blinding him in the right eye.

According to a twitter user who posted the incident, YMRigasa, the gory scenario played out in Gulu Village in the Rimin Gado Local Government Area of the state, where the woman decided to vent her anger and jealousy on the innocent boy who has been living with her and the father after the separation of his biological mother.

According to Pulse Ng, the poor boy has been admitted at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, while the woman has been arrested by the State Police Command.

This is what YMRigassa posted:

"Horror: His step mother cut his tongue, broke his arms and legs, damaged his right eye and castrated him with blade."


  1. This is pure evil. Wehhhh poor boy. I really doubt what she stand to gain by doing this. Pure transfer of aggression

  2. OMG such evil in the world. She deserves the death penalty