Wednesday, 11 May 2016

"Peace should never be construed as timidity....a form of weakness" - Epule Jeffery

Cameroon's A-list actor, Epule Jeffery, 33, took to Facebook this morning to share some very wise words about PEACE. This is what he posted below...
"Making the choice of peace has never been simpler! It lies in hands of everyone of us. However a lot us are beguiled by the influence that it is absolutely fine,once in a while to get angry and then it becomes easy to find endless shallow reasons to justify it!If you choose peace over anger then you choose to be in a state of power and utter freedom from self validation and piety mass approval. Peace should never be construed as timidity....a form of weakness. Peace is a reflection of a deep spiritual happiness not a mimicker or semblance of self validation as Facebook has mimed us! stay true @papaKforever!"

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  1. Always says the right thin...EJ THAT'S A POWERFUL ONE