Saturday, 21 May 2016

New Music: Rawf K Releases 'Chukam pass' (Audio)

Uk-based Cameroonian rapper Rawf K releases 'Chukam pass' a fusion of Makossa, Afrobeat and Hip Hop music with a smooth Cameroon style of rap that involves slangs known as Mboko, Franc-Anglais and Pidgin English. The song simply translates to ‘’have sex and run’’ which Rawf K is using in a positive way, advising girls who go through such predicaments to lead a respectful lifestyle as ladies and avoid guys who come to have ‘sex and run’. According to Rawf K, the way a girl carries herself is the way society will see her, for instance if she dresses in such a way that exposes her "ass-sets" and easily falls for a guy, it is more likely that she will be a victim of ‘Chukam pass’. Listen to 'Chukam Pass' below...

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