Wednesday, 11 May 2016

All You Need To Know About Cameroonian Artist Inspi

Yang Sentieh Donald, 23, better known under his artist name Inspi, is a Cameroonian singer, composer and choreographer and native of Bamenda in the North West region of Cameroon. Inspi’s music is a harmonious blend of Afro-Pop, RnB, US Hip-Hop and is the co-founder of White Gold Entertainment.

Inspi, born of Cameroonian parents, Esther and Benjamin Yang, is the youngest of 4 children. He has an elder brother and two senior sisters.

Inspi started singing at the age of 8. At 11, he wrote his first song, and appeared on stage under his then name SIM-D. In 2006, he was selected to interpret a song during the youth week celebrations in Kumbo (Cameroon).

His mother being a nurse by profession and his father an administrator, Inspi spent his youth studying science, and devoted his free time to music and street dance. He studied at Atiela Bilingual High School, Bamenda, and later on got a degree in IT and Computer Networks at the Buea GMT Professional University Centre. He is equally a holder of Cisco Certification (CISCO Certified Network Associate - CCNA).

As a dancer, he performed a good number of choreographies for local shows before the age of 20. In 2009 he and some a friends founded the FBI-Generation. That same year, they won the "Best Artist-Performer" trophy in the “CAMPUS CELEBRITY " music competition.

From 2011 to 2014, he performed alongside renowned local artists, such as Petit Pays, Gasha, Achale and many others, at the Buea TRADEFARE during the ALL NIGHT STARS, as well as the YOUTHWEEK VILLAGE in Bamenda.

May 2014: STM Records
Approached by STM Records, Inspi passed several tests under the watchful eye of the Cameroonian Africa Star winner (1st Edition): SIDNEY, today known as "SINE". However, negotiations with the firm were unsuccessful.

December 2014:
His artistic projects being delayed, he travelled for Nigeria in December 2014. The first months with talented Nigerian composers were a great source of inspiration to him. Since July 2015, he had been working on various musical productions with several renowned artists in the land of Skelewu from Davido or Alingo from P Square. The year 2016 will reveal his future songs with Cameroonian and Nigerian blends.

November 2015: Ngombele
On November 3, 2015, White Gold Entertainment announced the release of Inspi’s official Single "Ngombele", which is a mixture of modern day Afro pop with a folkloric melody.

With an extensive and rich work experience with home based beat makers, Dijay Karl was chosen for the production of Ngombele, a famous Cameroon Beat-maker who has to his credit compositions for: Fluri, Boyz, Ambe, Neglect, Askia and many others.


Inspi is a young bachelor with no formal commitment, with a genuine love for the female gender which is very often the source of inspiration when creating music. With a smile, he likes to say these words, the depth of which is known by him alone: "I love women". When questioned on possible marital projects, he simply answers that there is still time for that.

Watch Inspi's Ngombele video below...

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