Wednesday, 25 May 2016

More updates and video from the Bamenda murder (video)

More details from the Bamenda murder have emerged. The following are the details as reported by Bareta News
1. The Nkwen traditional authority popularly called kwifor or ngumba has sealed the room of a student in Mile three Nkwen. The sealing took place this Tuesday May 25, 2016 following the stabbing to death of one Oben who was visiting a girlfriend.

2. The guy who died is called Oben. He has been a regular visitor to the room of Orock Mirabel, the girlfriend. The boyfriend who stabbed Oben to death is called Obi, also hails from Mamyu. Both of them knew they were dating Mirabel about a month ago.
3. Mirabel, 20 and Obi 22, are all first year students at St Louis University Institute Bamenda. They lived just 20 meters from each other.
4. The deceased Oben is a teacher waiting integration into the public service. According to reports, a woman said to be his wife was hospitalized in Kumba at the time Mr Oben left his home for Bamenda. 
5. Orock Mirabel has been taken by the police for questioning, Oben handed to the uncle for the mortuary while Obi is nowhere to be found.
6. Considering the event as an abomination, the Fon of Nkwen says the Kwifor will give a list of things for the house owner to provide before the cleansing is done. “it is only after that that someone will be allowed to open the door and use the room.
7. The Fon of Nkwen has pleaded with the students to respect their parents and concentrate on their school work for a better life tomorrow. He maintained that all those residing in Nkwen are sons and daughters of the Fondom and consequently must respect the customs and traditions of the Nkwen.
Watch a video (graphic) from the murder scene below... 


  1. Afrikamer Christian25 May 2016 at 10:03

    Ohh God.

  2. all characters hail from manyu. No one sees the pattern. Please give your life to Christ and let the spirit of lust be destroyed at it's very root. promiscuity is known from this part. no one seeks to know why but the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanse you all. This isn't the only tribe that's known for this but let this statement help others who are seeking for help. Not focusing on the past but forging the way forward.

  3. Jesus Christ. Eeh eehh. See hot die. Weheeeee God. Am speechless.

  4. It's a Cameroonian thing, cheating! It's not a Manyu issue though I must admit some stereotypes exist to this effect .You are married but in a girls home dead .Sad ,I see hell.