Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Married man killed by another man over a girl in Bamenda (Graphic photos)

Sources state that the married man left Mamfe for Yaounde. However, he decided to visit his girlfriend in Bamenda. The married man then got into an argument with the girl's boyfriend who ended up stabbing him to death. 

Kinnaka's Blog is still trying to get the details of the story. See photo of the married man lying in his own pool of blood below. WARNING: Graphic photo!


  1. He will not cheat in his next life

    1. Yes he would never cheat.This ia a lesson to all.Stop being deceptive .He must have lied even to his own wife about his journey..God dong catcham!!

  2. stick to your woman asswhole. God!!!!!1 i agree with you joybert TOTALLY

  3. That does not however grant the killer boyfriend immunity from murder...#watchout

  4. That guy was and has never been married.but he has a kid.stop writting bullshit here

  5. This is unbelievable!human heart is desperately wicked. How can someone take another's life. No matter the problem. This is bad!wether this guy was married or not gives the other guy no right to take his life. His blood is definitely in his killer's hand. Everyone deserves another chance to right a wrong. Let us stop killing each other. Coz we are also not perfect. This is madness...wickedness...n this dead man is quite young. Women who don't understand how their double life standards can cause the lives of others. Stick to one partner...no!..women should be responsible enough to know that double dating is wrong..men would always ask us for a relationship...it's in their nature..but please let us be women of virtue....pride and dignity to say No!..if u have a relationship going on...men n women stop! ....this is a crime of passion....deadly devotion...to who...a woman who lacks control...self respect n dignity....that killer must go down for it....not judging...but the law must take it's course...gussshhhh!