Monday, 16 May 2016

Man accidentally punches and kills his 3 month old baby while beating his wife (photo)

A barber simply known as Chinedu, accidentally killed his baby during a fight with his wife on Thursday morning, at Umuchima, Owerri, Imo State.

He reportedly had a misunderstanding with his wife that morning, which escalated to the man beating his wife. In an attempt to stop him from battering her, the wife carried their three month old baby, thinking that the sight of the child will subdue her husband’s anger.

Unfortunately, while she was trying to avoid another blow from her husband, the punch landed on the baby's head and the infant instantly died.

A local vigilante group was alerted and they quickly apprehended the man.

As the man was being questioned, he cried uncontrollably after his actions dawned on him. When asked what made him so angry - he complained that his wife never bothers to wash his clothes, never says the truth, and that she cannot be trusted.


  1. Useless man. You killed an innocent kid because of stupid anger. This is sad.

  2. Stupid man. You will never beat a woman again

  3. how unfortunate for the man, stupid women and their ways