Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Jay Z addresses "Lemonade" in a new song with Fat Joe

Jay Z and Fat Joe don't have the friendliest of backstories but what heavyweight rappers do during their ascension to greatness? The pair seemed to have buried the hatchet and recorded "All The Way Up" remix. Jay Z who has always let music do the talking used the opportunity to address his alleged infidelity in his wife's visual album "Lemonade".

He kicks off his verse on the All The Way Up remix with “You know you made it when the fact/Your marriage made it is worth millions./Lemonade is a popular drink, and it still is./

Survival of the littlest.”

Jay-Z also mentions Prince in his freestyle rap on the Fat Joe song, suggesting his musical legacy is in safe hands because His Purpleness chose to put his music exclusively through the Hov’s Tidal service.

“Prince left his masters where they safe and sound/We never gonna let the elevator take him down,” Jay raps.
The rap mogul, fueled the speculation that a response album and/or joint record to his wife’s scorching visual album is in the works (or, already complete, if you believe the rumors).

The song can only be listened to on Tidal at the moment.

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