Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Iran's glamorous couple flee to Dubai after arrest over un-islamic instagram photos

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, ( IRGC ) is not messing about! The Iranian agency charged with protecting its women and young people from the ravaging influences of Western culture accused Kim Karshashian of being a shy for Instagram and corrupting young Iranian.

A glamorous married couple managed to escape prosecution and have fled to Dubai after they were caught up in Iran's crackdown on models posting 'un-Islamic' photos online. Professional make-up artist and model Elnaz Gorokh and her model husband Hamid Fadaei are understood to have fled the Islamic Republic in January after the sweeping arrest of 170 people as part of 'Spider II' operations by IRGC.

According to Daily Mail, the couple - who were reportedly released on bail attended style awards at a luxury five star Dubai hotel. The beautiful couple have been caught up in President Hassan Rouhani's attempt to enforce 'Islamic values' by targeting the fashion industry, which has boomed in recent years - especially thanks to social media.

Yesterday it was revealed that high-profile blonde Iranian model Elham Arab appeared before the Iranian Revolutionary Court made a 'voluntary confession' that she had made a 'mistake' and that she regretted becoming a model.

Elham Arab during interrogation
She was charged with 'promoting western promiscuity' and forced to give public 'self-criticism.'
Fans are said to be widely confused by the arrest of the couple, who are well liked and don't post 'risque' photos - Hamid Fadaei reportedly owns a upmarket women's clothes shop in northern Tehran, which he advertises on his instagram page.

According to Iranian media, a total of 170 people had been identified in the operation through social media activity as being involved in modelling, including 58 models, 59 photographers and makeup artists.Most of the Instagram and Facebook profiles of the models have been taken offline, although Ms Golrokh posted a message to her fans via social media on January 30.

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