Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Iran accuses Kim Kardashian of being a spy

Never thought I will type Kim Kardashian and the word "spy" in the same sentence. Iran is accusing Kim Kardashian of being a secret agent ... According to Vanity Fair, the agency claims Kardashian works for Instagram to corrupt its youths by posting erotic and provocative selfies. The allegation was made by an Iranian agency charged with protecting its women and young people from the ravaging influences of Western culture, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp, ( IRGC ). 

Kim Kardashian selfies are not welcome in Iran, says the country's moral police. IRGC claims Kardashian works for IG in a conspiracy 'targeting young people and women' and influencing them to shed their Muslim values by posting their own selfies.
IRGC says it has warned 170 individuals, 29 of whom are being targeted for prosecution as part of 'Operation Spider 2'. They are accused of 'promoting a culture of promiscuity, weakening and rejecting the institution of family, ridiculing religious values and beliefs, promoting relationships outside moral rules, and publishing the private pictures of young women.'

Iran has begun to crack down on locals who post glam shots to social networks .Recently,8 models were arrested in a new crackdown targeting 'un-Islamic acts' such as women exposing their hair. One famous beauty, Elham Arab, known for her wedding-dress portraits, was charged with 'promoting western promiscuity' and forced to give public 'self-criticism.

Do you think Kim Kardashian is corrupting women...?

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