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Interview - Francophones promote only French artists and suppress English artists - Alain Giresse

Alain Damba, 31, who is better know by his stage name Alain Giresse has been making waves ever since the release of his music video "Gimme Dat Mololo" last month. Kinnaka's blog had a little sit down with the Sweden-based Cameroonian artist. Read below...

KB - Tell us about Boy Giresse.
Well that is a pretty broad topic, I can't practically say everything about me. What precisely would you like to know about Boy Giresse?

KB - Tell us briefly about yourself.
Hmm briefly? Ok. I was born (1985) Alain Damba a.k.a Okasa Wanumu (strongest) in Kumba, a small town in Cameroon. I did my studies in Cameroon and I did further studies in Sweden where I now live. I am a simple person and easy to deal with. My friends describe me as "down to earth" but I can be super complicated to handle sometimes hahaha. I easily flow with everyone because I take people the way they are and I don't judge. I like jokes a lot and sometimes I get into trouble for that.

KB - You talked about studies, can you tell us a little about your educational background?
Yes of course. I did a bigger part of my primary and secondary education in Kumba and later had my BSc. from the University of Buea, Cameroon. I traveled to Sweden some years later to further my education where I obtained my MSc.

KB - How did you get into music?
Well music has been a passion since I was a kid. At 10 I could sing songs from Cameroonian Kotto Bass and his contemporaries. By 13, I was singing covers of R. Kelly's songs, Michael Jackson and many more. But I was always shy singing in public, that's why most people who knew me before are surprised to see me singing now, they probably can't connect the dots.
During my studies in Sweden I met music producer Iafrobeatz (Dj Hops). He believed in me and together we made a couple of songs in light of building my music career. Today I can sing confidently in any studio, with any producer thanks to him. In collaboration with one of my best friends who happens to be my Manager Daba D. D. and Iafrobeatz, we created and registered a record label in Sweden; HDD Empire Entertainment with full production and entertainment options. That's how I got into music!

KB - You recently released your first single titled "Gimme Dat Mololo". What is "Mololo" and what inspired the single?
Uhmm, this is not my first single. I released my first single and video last year in September titled : "Jungele" but due to some technicalities it's not currently online. My second single was released digitally as an audio "I want your body". Actually, "Gimme Dat mololo" is my third single.
In Cameroon "Mololo" is a certain type of fish but in this song, Mololo is something else hihihi. The floor is open for the meaning of "Mololo". That is exactly why the song was written that way to arouse curiosity. Mololo can be anything you want from your partner in a relationship. Just look for anything in your partner you want and term it "Mololo" and kindly ask "Bb gimme dat Mololo..., Bb gimme that marrow" (chorus), I guess you will get it hehehe....//.... For me, it is the good attitudes, the good side of someone, the best side of your partner and that's what I want to see, that's what I need from you not the ill side....
Inspiration for this song is still a mystery, but most of the credits go to the producer of the song Dijay Pazzo, he is infact a genius and I respect him a lot!

KB - How did the collabo with Belvia happen?

This was the most difficult part of the production. Looking for a female artist who sings pretty good and whose vocals can blend smoothly with mine. We tried a couple of other female artists before we finally got to Belvia and then she was like God sent... Honestly, she was the perfect blend we were looking for and she did super great, I couldn't stop loving her for that. Dijay Pazzo was the one who introduced her to me and he said "she is really good" and yes 100% she is a super talented singer with killer vocal!

KB- As a newcomer in the Industry, what do you have that will set you apart from other Cameroonian artists?
I am trying to be unique in my style. First of all my vocal is nothing like you hear often in the music industry. Secondly, my style of music is a blend of other genres and the way I sing, I try to relate my song, to the society in a way even the smallest kid would pick something up for the first time he/she listens to it. You will understand this point better when the next single and video drops. Let's keep fingers crossed.

KB - What do you think are the short comings of Cameroon showbiz?
Sponsorship is a very big problem. There are lot's of talented Cameroonians in the music industry who can spark flame but don't have the means to go forward. Support from the people and bigger companies is something that is lacking in the Cameroon music industry.
I also think this issue of bilingualism is a major setback. Francophones would like to promote French speaking artists to the very top heights but looking for means to suppress English artists and vice versa. Most artists will agree with me on this. I am in Cameroon now and when I sit with most artists they keep complaining about the same thing especially during shows. If the Dj is french and an Anglophone artist climbs on the stage during performance, only by luck will he be able to perform a single song to the end. I can only state a few of these short comings at moment but there are so many. May God guide us through!

KB - Who do you look up to in the Cameroon Music Industry?
I admire a lot of artists and producers in Cameroon but right now im directly looking up to my producers Iafrobeatz and Dijay Pazzo to keep giving me what I want and to mould me to become what I must be.

KB - Who do you wish you could collabo with in the Cameroon music industry?

I wish to collabo with almost everyone in the Industry, i just love music. I have already done two great collabos with Belvia and anonymous (cat stays in the bag for now hehe). I plan to do more collabo but will be figuring that out when an inspiration for a song comes up, the song will determine the artist to collabo with.

KB - What's your next project?
Well I am working on a couple of songs and videos right now. I just did a song with Slimbeatz and I am looking forward to work with producers Philbillbeatz and Edi Ledrae. I am also planning to drop my first album sometime next year full of mostly hit tracks that's why now I go only for the best! My team is also looking forward to expand the label so we will be signing young and talented artists in the near future.

KB - Tell us about your most embarrassing moment in life?
I am sure I must have had lots of very embarrassing moments but I just can't get hold of any right now I am sorry.

KB - Thanks for your time.
Thank you very much for having me Kiki, it's been a pleasure.

Watch "Gimme Dat Mololo" video below...

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