Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Huddah Monroe Brags About Being the Heartbreaker

Self proclaimed heart breaker Huddah Monroe, 24, is known to often give relationship advice on her social media pages and yesterday, the model had some wise words for women while dishing on why she has never been dumped in any of her relationships.
The socialite took to her Snapchat to reveal that she was the ultimate heart breaker and shared the reasons why her exes are addicted to her. ‘This pussy be good, got Niggas coming back like they never left!” she wrote. 

She also stated that it wasn’t advisable to get back with an ex-boyfriend except if it was only for a one night stand.

In 2014, Huddah proved to be a playgirl when she ended her relationship with Ugandan Tycoon, King Lawrence, in a messy public drama. The socialite claimed they had never dated even after King Lawrence provided evidence of their relationship with photos of them on vacation in Dubai.


  1. At 24...she is talking about exes..when did she start dating..at 3???