Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned! See what a woman did to her lover's car in London (photos)

This is an inspiration to women all over the world! A man, who had parked his brand new £90,000 Range Rover outside luxury department store Harrods this afternoon, found it had been 'decorated' by someone, he wasn't best pleased. 

The red-faced motorist came back to find the word 'cheater' had been spray-painted in large red letters, possibly by a disgruntled ex. As if that wasn't enough the "cheater" also got slapped with a £130 fine for parking restricted parking area in Knightsbridge, Central London. Dozens of tourists stopped to pose with the car
See photos below...


  1. If I'm the one, I'm not repainting. I'm gonna drive around like this...hehe. Tell everyone it's a stunt I'm pulling.