Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fan sues Chris Brown for allegedly stealing his hat

Chris Brown may have to pay over $2,000 for the loss of a $25 cap.

Chris Brown is being sued by a fan who says the singer and his security are to blame for the loss of his hat. According to TMZ, Brown fan Marq Stevenson attempted to get his cap signed by the entertainer at his show in Dallas last year, but after passing it to a member of Chris' team, the piece was never returned. It's unclear if the hat ever made its way to Brown.
Outside of the hat, which he claims was "stolen," Stevenson says he was "bullied" by Chris' security, and is now looking to be compensated for $2,750 -- $25 for the hat, $225 for his ticket, and $2500 for his experience with the alleged bullies. He's no longer looking for an autograph, just the cash. Think this one will get off the ground?

Last year, a fan had been hounding Chris on instagram over a missing hat,claiming it hat belonged to her deceased father. Brown dismissed the claims and accused the user of harassment, ending with "fuck yo punkass hat." Reports at the time identified the user as a woman. It is not clear if it's the same person.

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