Sunday, 8 May 2016

Check out what Kanye West got Kim Kardashian for Mother's Day (photos)

There nothing a man cannot do when he is crazy in love with his woman! Kanye West surprised his wife and the mother of two his children, Kim Kardashian for Mother's Day by having her wake up to a live orchestra playing in their Living room. He also decorated a table with flowers. Just love the way Kanye loves Kim, despite her past! Too cute!


  1. Kanye West is a real man......I m so happy Kim trusted him too.....

  2. I like the fact that his actions are consistent. When he said he loved Kim, he meant it. What he did for her the first day he still does years later even though I know there must be days they get upset with each other.

    The point is, he never gets too comfortable and therefore never takes her for granted. He said he loved her in words and has been consistent in his actions no matter the circumstance.

    So that's it, good for you Kim and thumbs up Kanye, at least we now know the world is not void of men like you.