Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cameroonian man praises an Oklahoma City police for putting gas in his car (photos)

A Cameroonian man by name Ebai Bisong, narrated how he ran out of gas on the highway and was help my a police in Oklahoma City last week.  
"Hello. My name is Bisong, originally from Cameroon. I was driving from Norman to Oklahoma City last week, trying to get away from the possible tornado. I ran out of gas and was stuck on the highway. I didn't know what to do. This officer showed up (believe he is a sergeant) and helped me out. I rode in his cruiser and got gas, which he himself put in my car while I watched him. Please, I want you guys to celebrate him. I don't know his name but here are the pics I took.Great job Sgt. Burris!", wrote Oklahoma City Police Department. 
This kind gesture my an Oklahoma City police comes at a time when Police are being accused of unlawfully killing black people in the USA. They aren't all bad! Hope the Cameroonian police can mirror this! See another photo below


  1. This is real,he deserves some salutations for a job well done even beyond his job description.

  2. Umm it's called roadside assistance, if you carry US STATE ID card, you have a phone number on the back of your card in the case you have a flat or run out of gas. It's the duty of the road side assistant (in some cases an officer of peace) to provide you with atleast a gallon of gas to get the hell out the freeway. Or to the nearest gas station. It is duty not a gift. But thanks to the four officer for doing his job and allowing pictures taken.