Thursday, 26 May 2016

Cameroonian actress, Ruth Nkweti threatens to expose employer over an unpaid service

Cameroonian Actress, Ruth Nkweti (left), Founder of FIAFA, Alfred Nemfor (Middle) and Media Personality, Jj Nshom (right) at the FIAFA 2016.
This is what the actress wrote on her Facebook page...
I don't understand why some people act like this. I usually will not say stuff like this online but when you block my number and block me from all your social media, I have no other option.
My talent is my livelihood. When you hire me for a job especially when you claim I definitely not doing it for free, I expect to get paid. Its been a month and nothing. When I remind you, you get arrogant; telling my friends how you are not happy with me. That's your business mister. Pay the fuck up. I don't want to cause a scene but you are pushing me to. I have over 1 million francs worth of remuneration hanging out there because I try not to hurt people's feelings. This is your last warning.
You have one week to PAY UP or next time I will call your name publicly and let your sponsors know how u manage the funds they invest. I am tagging people in this post so this washed up disrespectful piece of manure can see this.

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