Monday, 2 May 2016

Cameroon to spend CFA 2.6 billion to improve Kribi resort

The Cameroonian government will splash out a whopping CFAF 2.6 billion for the development and electrification of Ngoye beach in the seaside town of Kribi, in the south of the country, official sources disclosed. A Chinese company Tianyuan Construction Group Ltd’, has allegedly been contracted for the project. 

The seaside resort improvement initiative is part of the six-year program for the development of high potential growth sectors (PCFC). With CFA15 billion provided by the World Bank, the PCFC aims to boost the growth sectors such as wood processing and ecotourism.

According to out sources added that other tourism projects are on the pipeline including “the development of ecotourism around the city of Buea in the Southwest, and the establishment of the gorilla centered wildlife tourism in Campo Ma’an National park” in Cameroon’s southern region.

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