Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Yves Michael Fotso sentenced to life imprisonment

The former General Manager of Cameroon Airlines, Yves Michael Fotso who was accused of embezzling 32 Billion FCFA belonging to the defunct national carrier, Cameroon Airlines, Camair, when he was General Manager has been sentenced to life imprisonment. 

According to the ruling of the the Special Criminal Court, SCC, yesterday, sentenced Yves Michel Fotso embezzled 32.4 Billion FCFA during his tenure as General Manager of the defunct national carrier, Cameroon Airlines, Camair.

The ruling was for the second of two matters for which Fotso is standing trial at the SCC. Mr Fotso was also fined 19 Billion FCFA for the financial losses caused Camair as a result of the embezzlement. Also, money in about 15 frozen Fotso bank accounts was confiscated.

The ruling, just like recent court sittings, took place in the absence of Yves Michel Fotso and all his five counsel. The lawyers wrote to the court last February to announce their withdrawal from the trial, alleging unfair hearing.

Their decision came after Fotso wrote to the SCC to announce that he will no longer appear in court because the trial was being conducted in a biased manner.


  1. 32 billion? ? One person embezzled that amount of money from his country while people are suffering like they are.what manner of greed is that? ? 32 billion! ! You embezzle that kind of money to do what with?? Life imprisonment is not just enough they better take back that money and put it to good use..may God forgI've this man and people like him who are put in position to help people and they abuse their power..how did it even reach such an amount without being noticed he should have been summoned about it walk before it reached such an amount but then again who monitors them?? Mess!

  2. but was it not Fotso who revived Camair with his own money. Buying new planes and all. was this not broadcast on Crtv? I hope they have taken into account his investment.

  3. So he wasn't in court during the sentencing?