Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What is happening to Rawf K?

Ashu Lawah who goes by the stage name Rawf K is a Cameroonian born rapper based in the UK. Accordingly to news reports, Rawf K fell in love with rap music in the late 1990s when he travelled to the UK.

In 2010 during one of his visits to Cameroon,  Rawf K was inspired by a hit song titled Mignoncite. The popularity of this song inplanted a seed in him. This led to his experimentation with the instrumental version of Mignoncite. The result was the birth of his very own genre called Benskin Rap.

That same year, Rawf K founded Benskin recorded his debut single Benskin rap which gained him enormous popularity in Cameroon. Sadly little to nothing has been released by Rawf K after his hit song Benskin rap. What a waste of talents!

Watch a video of Benskin Rap below...


  1. well done. good beats rhythm and rhymes

  2. follow Cameroon Film and Movie Academy on Facebook and u will find out Rawf K has a lot in the pipeline

  3. Well done Rawf K you are amazing