Sunday, 24 April 2016

The legendary Papa Wemba is dead (photos)

Congolese music legend, Papa Wemba died last night on stage during a performance in Abidjan. According to reports, he collapsed and passed out on stage.
See the photos below...


  1. He died doing what he loves best, wow RESPECT, My dad made me love his musics at my tender ages. R.I.P Papa Wemba.

  2. May his soul RIP. What a great lost . But I called this greed.... Cuz at his age couple with health risk problems as a result of ageing,...... He ought not to have been performing while standing.....moreover, it's very sad to have died on stage with dancers almost half naked, when your are going to see your creator (God). All the same we are 🙏 despite the fact that there's no repentance in the Grave. We love u but God loves you most.