Thursday, 14 April 2016

Teacher caught raping a primary school pupil in Yaounde (photos)

A teacher was caught raping a pupil at Ecole Beryla at Maeture, Rond Point Damas. The teacher who is only known to Kinnaka's Blog as Sone, has HIV AIDs and has reportedly raped about eight girls. He is currently in police custody at Efoulan Police Station. 

See another photo below...


  1. "He has reportedly raped about 8 girls'" and was allowed free on our street to wreck more havoc. Did he confess to have raped 8 other girls after he was caught in the act with this child or has it been a known fact that he did and was still free to go about. Something about this story doesn't add up. Why was he not arrested when he committed the first inhuman act? Please Kiki follow up this story. I really want to know why a devil like him should be roaming our streets talkless of being allowed to come close to children if he had such history