Thursday, 28 April 2016

Rawf K shades Jovi, Stanley Enow and Camer award organisers

On April 26, 2016 Kinnaka's Blog posted about Rawf K wondering why the super talented Cameroonian artist has disappeared from the entertainment scene. The UK-based rapper has finally come out of hibernation and is already dissing Jovi and Stanley Enow who have been making headlines while he was sleeping. 

Rawf K took to Facebook to post the following: 

How dare youThe topic of science and technology can never be discussed without the name Albert Einstein.
Similarly the genre of music that is currently trending and growing in Cameroon should always, I repeat always have Rawf K mentioned.How dare you talk about the best 2 without Rawf K
How dare you make a song without referencing Rawf K
How dare you organise award shows without paying respect to Rawf KHow dare you publish a magazine without Rawf K in the front coverHow dare you call yourself King Kong when Rawf K is right hereHow fucking dare you say you are Mboko God when Rawf K paved your wayI am the pioneer of this SHIT and each and every one of you is a followerso the next time you want to do anything concerning my genre of music ‘pay some proper respect’


  1. Ain't no room for no legend in the Cameroon rap hip hop scene yet. But we do got hard workers respect to Jovi and nigger Rawf K got his emotions running around like in a Bee nigga, its all good. i know some big bro hommies that can outrap the game yet never been mentioned. Just do u and dont expect the reference. I dont even see a reference bar in game. None of them, even u was able to set it too high, thats why some of us are still jumping...ya diggggg?

  2. Hey Hans, how u been bro, been a while!

  3. Rawf it's very true. you started years ago. But lets also not forget Nabil.
    In any media you need the right PR. Trust me you can even sing no lyrics but with empty Peak milk containers banging about. As far as you have the right PR. That's why Louis W could still make money with not the best vocalist groups.
    Get connected Rawf, I pray you meet the right people. Your music is way better than Stanley Enow.

  4. Tu veux revendiquer quoi? Ne tente pas,tu as peut-être begin tout ça et je dit bien peut-être vu que l'adepte du hip hop mboa que je suis na jamais ya ton nom quelquepar mais bon je t'accorde le benifisse du doute mais jevte dit on ne vie pas dans le passé mollah,Jovi le monstre ne dit pas qui il est ou doit être sur facebook,on témoigne les hard core mboko song nous même, même Stanley fait kamem quelque chose alors mon type laisse nous zanga les petites sur facebook et go au studio,on wait tes sons pour te confirmer!

  5. please who is he? i clearly do not know him. He definitely wasn't as popular as he thinks.

  6. never hurd of you nikka, who are u?

  7. Fuck all those who want to bring old things to the game and make people look bad.
    Rawf Kboy what ever you call yourself. we dont know you so stop trying to bring problems to an industry we are trying to see grow.
    the Young shall grow. Just accept that you are no where in the Industry. If you want to be remembered, do something to make the Cameroon Music Industry proud . Stanly has Done it, Jovi has Done it, Magasco has Done it , Mr Leo etc. We do not respect heros who rose and failed in their rooms . Cameroonians are trying to see their Industry strong not all this negative post of trying to pull us down.