Monday, 4 April 2016

Notorious armed bandit arrested in Kumba

A notorious armed bandit who escaped from the police cell in Mamfe has been arrested by the Police in Kumba. Agbor Nazi Taku was arrested in the evening of 31 March 2016 along the KumbaMamfe road. 

According to the commissioner of the Kumba Central Police station, senior superintendent of Police, Wilson ELungNjumenjikang, the bandit had on the night of 10-11 March 2016 escaped from the police cell in Mamfe taking along one of the automatic pistols which was fully loaded with ten (10) bullets. The bandit at the time of his arrest had already used one of the bullets.

The Commissioner narrated that as soon as Agbor Nazi escaped from the Mamfe cell, a warrant of arrest was immediately issued to all the security posts in the Region.
He said after serious interrogation the bandit admitted that he stole the gun and successfully escaped from Mamfe to Buea where he formed a gang to go back to Mamfe for another operation. He also planned to take away the life of the police officer who caused his arrest and detention in Mamfe.

Agbor Nazi and his gang had set out for Mamfe when the police intercepted their hired taxi cab in Kumba. Agbor Nazi was arrested while his two accomplices succeeded to escape.
At press time, Agbor Nazi has been transferred to the Buea prison pending trial.
It should be noted that the police in Kumba arrested another gang of armed bandits that was operating in a house at Buea road Kumba. The bandits were transferred to Buea. But one of the gang members, Mbah Comfort was strolling freely in town saying that “Kumba police refused money but their Buea colleagues have taken”.

Source: The median paper

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