Saturday, 16 April 2016

Meet The French Palm Wine Seller In Babadjou, Cameroon (photos)

Christian Lacroute has been selling palm in the village of Babadjou along the road between Bamenda- Bafoussam highway, for 10 years now. According to BBC reports, the French national was inspired into starting the business by a close relative of his Cameroonian wife. Christian reported adopted wife's five children and has been feeding his family for 10 years through the sale of Palm wine.

" I love Africa and I will end my life here in Cameroon. I will never return to France, I found another woman here with five Cameroonian children,” he says.
“I said to myself I will try the palm wine business , and have been doing it for 10 years now. I worked with that ‘wine tapper’, that’s why I still have the palm wine. I enjoy it. Every morning i start my day with a drink of it. Not Red wine which is too expensive here in Cameroon.” he explains according to BBC.
Christian supports his family with the income he get from selling palm wine at 150 FCFA per liter. 

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