Saturday, 16 April 2016

Man sentenced to 200 year in prison for filming himself raping & urinating on a toddler (photos)

A former US Coast Guard who filmed himself raping and urinating on an 18-month-old girl in a motel has been sentenced up to 200 years in prison. During the sentencing hearing at The Kent County Circuit Court in Michigan on Thursday, Judge Mark Trusock told Eric Devin Master:
'You are truly an evil individual and we need to make sure that you are never allowed in society', Detroit Free Press reported
Devin Masters, 29, who was already sentenced to 50-years last month for making sexually explicit videos of children in five counties throughout the state, claimed he had an addiction to child pornography and said he had been a victim of abuse himself.

Masters, who pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, was accused of taking the toddler to a motel in 2012, where he tied her arms and legs to bedposts and raped her. He told the court he assaulted her three times over the course of eight days.

According to FBI reports, Masters filmed himself engaging in multiple sex acts with the toddler before urinating on her in a video that he emailed to others in exchange for more child pornography.

The girl's mother begged the judge to keep Masters locked up, testifying that her daughter is still traumatized at the age of five.

Masters apologized for the 'horrible crime' and told the court:
'Something horrible was done to me and number my emotions to others. 'And then I committed the same horrible thing to others. With God's help we can both be healed.'


  1. This world's becoming a place where one shld start think of creating his own in another planet.Ridiculous 😕, I just can't imagine the trauma that child wld have to face thru't her life... oohh!!!

  2. Even d devil is suprised at what some pple can imagine n do