Sunday, 10 April 2016

Man has half his penis amputated just before his wedding night anniversary but still has sex

A man who was diagnosed with penile cancer had half his penis removed by surgeons to help save his life.

According to the Mirror Dave Harrison had been married less than a year when he developed a painful pimple on his penis – which turned out to be ultra-rare penile cancer, meaning he had to undergo a partial amputation.
He said: "After the diagnosis, pain from the tumour increased daily. I was getting very restricted and literally could only lie down as it was the comfiest position to be in.

"I think everyone is anxious before any surgery, but I was worried. I was losing half my manhood.

"I was glad to be out of pain, and obviously pleased the cancer was gone, but it took a long time getting used to the after effects of operation - I didn't even look at it for months.

"I'm not the type of person to keep something like this private. We used laughter to get through it and to stay positive for our children. It's the way we have always coped with bad times."

His wife Gemma, 34, wed Dave, 35, in their local town hall in Bridlington, East Yorkshire on 28 September 2013 and it was seven months later he spotted the problem area while in the shower.

Gemma said: "We were inconsolable," she said. "We just felt numb after hearing the word cancer."

At first, Dave didn't take much notice – but when it still hadn't disappeared around two weeks later, he began to get concerned and showed his wife.

"When Dave showed me the mark, we thought he should get it checked, but we didn't worry," said Gemma.

"He has eczema and psoriasis, so we initially thought it was down to that."By that June, the pimple had still not disappeared, so Dave visited his local GP clinic and was sent to see a urologist at Bridlington Hospital.

There, he was referred for a biopsy at Scarborough Hospital.

At this stage, doctors warned that there was an "outside possibility it could be penile cancer".

"We brushed off that it could be cancer due to Dave's age," Gemma said.

According to Cancer Research UK, it is rare for men below the age of 40 to get penile cancer.

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