Friday, 29 April 2016

"I have never cheated on my husband" - Tiwa Savage cries (video)

Nigerian super star Tiwa Savage addressed cheating allegations levied on her by her husband, Teebillz in an Instagram rant yesterday. Speaking exclusively with Tiwa explained everything that has been happening in her marriage and the events that led to the outburst by her husband. 

She said she has been covering up for a lot of hurt in the relationship. She also reveals she recently lost another pregnancy during her recent trip to Jamaica. She also revealed how after the miscarriage, she went through his Whatsapp and saw messages between him and a mistress. He took another woman to a hotel and she confronted him. She also reveals how he was stealing from her.

On his accusations, she said they hadn't spoken in a week and she saw the posts when she woke up yesterday. She also said she thought he was dead. The last time they spoke was a week ago, about their son and he didn't respond.

 Watch the full interview below...


  1. This interview is very immature. The interviewer poses very childish questions. Every celebrity has a private life but they don't expose it on social media. Well, this just depicts the type of person she is. I understand Tiwa's frustration and anger, but a wise person does not open their mouth when angry. She might have gone through a lot but talking about her husband in such a way exposes even her own private life. Sorry it's happening the way it is.

  2. This is unfortunate. But however this shouldn't be on social media

  3. Journalist should b fired

  4. such a humble woman.may God give her the strength to kick his ass out

  5. Whoa Tiwa you got strength. It takes strength to admit the marriage was a mistake. You are a testimony for other beautiful ladies to stand their ground and let the man of integrity come and marry them. Not be under some kind of disillusion.

    I would say am not surprised the marriage is packing. You see I had noticed alot prior to their wedding in Dubai. These raised a lot of red flags. I just said well it might work out. You know when these flags are cn by an observer via pictures. then the reality is real.
    I still stand that you attract what you got. If you are insecure you will attract an insecure person if not worse. It's the same reason why she put a deaf ear reasoning and caution before getting married. At least you saw the other side of the coin.If you didn't marry TJ you might be asking what if.. All things work together for good and you make better decisions out of it.
    I support her for doing this prompt interview. Don't come and die of hypertension or high BP because of some TJ. Let it out to the world. free your soul. Nonsense you tolerated alot. Society nowadays make it ok for the woman to suffer. Please air out your business, free your mind save you from going to the hospital.

    I believe this year is the year all douche bag men are exposed! IJN
    Not how many celebrities; men have been exposed of their exploits.

    To all the single ladies who are single for this season. Please press on praying to God. Most men are seeing the saga that's going on rather than riding on the disillusion horse of demi god whatever whatever and blame/use women. The Lord didn't create his daughters to be misused. It's also an opportunity to work on yourself, know that God loves you and accept his love. Treat yourself with respect and love. Chose your company wisely. That will love you and you also love them. Be courageous to cut away from work in the progress people. Sometimes they bring the worse out of you because you are still growing yourself.
    Don't believe in pressure and also pressurize the delay by prayers. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior not running from pillar to post. Con artist will chop your money well well.
    If you feel lonely your feel jealous tell God daily speak to him like he is your friend.
    Trust me some married people are crying in their homes and they are the first to insult single ladies. I gave one the word of God after I was tired of the jibes. So note some marriages are farce face your own life and work on your self. Why do you think some men on their wedding day shave their head bald? food or thought!
    Above all enjoy the gift of LIFE!
    God loves you peace in all homes IJN Amen.

  6. when he was spraying out that she has slept with people you all didnt say shit now when she is clarifying the story you all come here writing new song lyrics

  7. Opting out of the relationship is ok if that she want, but the way she talks her husband clearly speaks to anyone sensible there there are two sides to a coin and she is also at duly if not greater.

  8. Td Abi ?guy u be fuckup u too fuckup