Saturday, 30 April 2016

How Tiwa Savage manipulated us all with her interview

Before I begin, I would like you all to know, Kiki is in Tiwa's camp, but Kiki the blogger can't help but address this issue.

Let's start by discussing Teebillz's suicide attempt. Do I think he tried to kill himself by jumping off the Lekki- Ikoyi toll bridge around 9a.m on Thursday, April 28, as widely reported? No! Lekki- Ikoyi toll bridge is very busy, especially around 9a.m when people are going to work. Someone would have taken a picture if he was there. Trust the android generation! Also, people who really want to commit suicide do it quietly. They don't demand an audience first. To me, Teebillz is an insecure man who refuses to take responsibility for anything wrong in his life. In his rants, all he did was blame Tiwa, her mother and his own dad. He knew he was down and part of the plan was to end Tiwa's career and take other people down with him like Tuface, Don Jazzy and Dr Sid.

Some people say Tiwa wasn't supposed to publicly address the cheating allegations or go on TV and say what she said about her husband, Teebillz. Are you kidding me? When this man tagged Tiwa a cheat, people went straight to Tiwa's page to abuse her. Now that she has opened up and told her side of the story people are saying she gave away too much info and should have kept it confidential? To me, Tiwa did the right thing by addressing it publicly. However, I think part of the interview was well staged to manipulate us all! I doff my hat to her PR.Well done! The head scarf and the rumpled T-shirt look which a KB reader tagged as "widow mood" was a blatant attempt to evoke our pity. The mild foundation and perfectly arched eye brow made the whole scene less convincing. PR, take note! Can't discredit what she said about her man and what has been going on in her marriage because I wasn't there. 

Take away message: Not all that glitter's is gold. If a man use a code like #Ediblecatering to save your number, you are his side chick. And by the way "Edible Catering" is Nigeria's "Becky with the good hair"

Be safe KB readers. 


  1. I don't why appearance is more important to some people than content. She doesn't have to come on the screen and look like she has been rough handles like a thief before she clears her name. Mindful of the fact that it was not a surprise interview,mindful of the fact that she has not been living for this guy for a while and the marriage was under turmoil and she covered up till now,and the guy is alive not dead,I say she is entitled to all the makeup in the world,tensioned eyebrows and best lipstick. Nothing here was staged and those who have been through abusive relationships I know you don't have to look haggered before explaining themselves. It just means she is ready to move on from the B.S. so leave all this manipulation grammar unless you trying to underlook her pain. Some people think she doesn't look convincing,and I say she no get any person out there to convince but give her side of the story. Only cheats want to be convinced. She works hard and covers up a man who want to live in afluenze,waste money forgetting he has baby to fight for,do drugs,burrow like a bank steak from his wife and patronize 'catering' service by knocking them out in a hotel room then turn around and play the victim. Pleassssssssss, if you need convincing after her crying out, then you may as well ask your mum to show you your real dad because obviously you are a doubting Thomas. I applaud her for having the courage to speak it out public coz most of our sister's don't have the courage to leave abusive relationships. She also speaks of the incurities of her age,esp if she will ever find another man. She is honest to bone and dishonest people don't want to give her credit. Look at the content not the appearance.

  2. Little comment about what u said about people who want to commit suicide doing it quietly. That's not true,it is well known that people who want to kill themselves always cry for help, there's always a hand trying to ask others to save them. MOST of them end up killing themselves cuz people fail to see that cry. Not discrediting what u said about it being a hoax but just drawing everyone's attention to this.

  3. Excellent comment about suicide attempt.
    Sadly, people who "attempt" it are brushed away as "unserious" and "attention seekers".
    But those who succeed can't exactly be interviewed to enquire why they finally did it