Monday, 4 April 2016

Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay says David was gay, Ruth was lesbian

Rev. Jide Macaulay, Nigeria's first openly gay pastor and the founder of House of Rainbow Fellowship, a secret gay church in Lagos and the UK says King David in the bible was an openly gay man while Ruth was a lesbian. According to he pastor these facts are boldly written in the holy book. You think he is twisting the bible to support his lifestyle? 

Rev. Macaulay is one of the activists who has been campaigning for the Nigerian government to legalize gay same sex marriage. 

Read his post below...


  1. First thg is his guy church is no longer a secret bc we are hearg of it now on KB. Next....
    MR.MAN wake up from your slumber. Sodom n Gomorrah was destroyed...Prove and show us dat quote in d bible dt says David was gay n Ruth a lesbian...Chaii U want to misquote the bible to justify ur acts and dt is soo baddd... Roger that mr.macauley... :(

  2. Sahhhh
    First of all spirits of same sex relationship I cast it out of me in JESUS NAME.
    Nowetas get down. This guy say the holy bible and he's not able to bring out even a single verse from the top prove his point???
    Who will fall this nahhhh massa.
    Anything said against the bible with no bible verse to back it up is a very BIG LIE
    Am not falling for this one