Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Female fan pays a whopping $90,000 to kiss gay singer, Ricky Martins (Photos)

A female Ricky Martin fan splashed out a whopping $90,000 to have a passionate kiss with her idol. The openly gay Latin pop star turned up with his new boyfriend, but that did not stop dog breeder Ana Paola Diniz, the businesswoman and pet resort owner who put in the highest bid at the event from having a good time. 

The kiss was first prize in an auction to raise money for AIDS charities taking place in the city of Sao Paulo. Ricky Martin became a trending topic once the video went viral, showing that the businesswoman got her $90,000 worth of kiss.

Earlier this year, Ricky, 44, admitted he would be open to having sex with a woman but would not be interested in a sentimental relationship, according to Mexican magazine, Fama!

He said: "I’m gay, men captivate me, but I like to enjoy sex in total liberty, which is why I am open to having sex with a woman if I felt the desire to, although I would not consider starting a sentimental relationship with her."In that way I’m all about men."
So being gay is now a business....I am officially a lesbian! Which man wants to kiss me for just $10,000? (*wink). Role number 1: Client must not eat onions or garlic a week before the kiss...


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha.u dislike da smell too abi?ma cojo. no onions or garlic. am down for da kiss gurl.me sep am officially gay. hope da business go pay ohh cos tax ova high for oda business dem.lol

    1. Hahahahahahah Kinnaka and Said u pepo haff craze