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How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Here mentioned are some of the most common techniques adopted for the removal of stretch marks post pregnancy. It is important that as a new mother, you must be cautious enough to choose the option that best suits your body. This will not just help you in reducing the appearance of after pregnancy stretch marks, but also give you confidence as a new mother!

1. Surgery:
Anxious on how to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks with surgical method?Though it is one of the effective ways, it still includes complications.This generally involves removing the area of the skin that is affected and enable new skin to grow, which will be free of any stretch marks. This invasive procedure carries several risks and has to be done with utmost care and under supervised conditions.

2. Chemical Peels:
This is one of the latest and most prevalent techniques for getting rid of stretch marks after pregnancy. The chemical peel process is also known as derma peeling and can drastically improve the skin’s appearance just by the application of a chemical solution which causes your skin to blister. These blisters are ultimately peeled off to give a new and enhanced look to your skin. This generally takes about six to eight sessions of laser therapy treatment and for you to witness the desired results.

3. Skin Regeneration Activators:
One of the natural and most comfortable methods to remove stretch marks is to use a good quality stretch mark cream which can give great results! It basically works by smoothing out your skin and blending the pigmentation back together to give the natural glow and make your skin look healthy.

You can prepare your homemade stretch mark cream by mixing half a cup of cocoa butter, one teaspoon each of wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil and two teaspoon of beeswax. Heat the mixture until the cocoa butter and the beeswax melt. Stir well and store it in an airtight container. Apply this cream three times a day to reap the best results. 

4. Holistic Therapies:
Another interesting means to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy is to undergo some relaxing therapies. Some popular relaxing therapies include reflexology, aromatherapy, normal massage and relaxation. Also few exercise techniques such as swimming or yoga are thought to greatly enhance your overall wellbeing and your skin in particular. They are believed to help you tackle stretch marks and lend a healthy look to your skin.

5. Laser Treatment:
Laser treatment is yet another common and proven alternative which treats the stretch marks; however, it is considered expensive when compared to all the other alternatives. The laser treatment does not just lighten your stretch marks but also removes them completely. Different types of laser treatments are used by doctors depending on the severity and colour of your stretch marks. Some laser treatments are aimed at increasing the overall cell production in the affected areas. This enhances the cell growth resulting in diminished pigmentation. Advanced laser therapies can also be done to restore the lost elasticity of the skin.

Home Remedies For Pregnancy Stretch Marks:

The only way to avoid those ugly stretch marks is to take enough care of your skin. However, if you have already developed some annoying stretch marks post delivery, here are a few home remedies which can significantly reduce the scars.

6. Castor Oil:
Castor Oil is a great natural remedy for many skin problems like dark spots, wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, moles and finally stretch marks!. Applying castor oil is very effective for the removal of stretch marks and helps remove them quickly. Just apply some castor oil on the area of your skin with stretch marks and massage it. It is advised that the affected area should be massaged for about 15 – 20 minutes using circular motions. Following this, cover your skin by wrapping it up with a cotton cloth. Lastly, use a warm water bottle or a warm compress to provide some heat to your skin. Following this procedure for about half an hour on a daily basis, can help you reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

7. Egg White:
We generally find that egg whites very smelly and icky. But in spite of that, they can do wonders to your skin. Egg whites have a large ratio of proteins and are very helpful in rejuvenating your skin. Egg whites help re-build your skin and make it look fresh and new like never before. Here is how to remove stretch marks after pregnancy with egg white. Try applying egg whites to the skin areas which have stretch marks for about one to three times a day. You will definitely observe an improvement in your skin health and will also notice that the stretch marks fade away gradually.

8. Cocoa Butter:
Cocoa butter is another natural and effective remedy that helps in the reduction of stretch marks ultimately fading them away. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, apply cocoa butter on the affected skin area at least twice a day and continue this regularly for at least a month to see great results. Cocoa butter not only helps in removing the stretch marks, but also moisturizes the skin and keeps it flexible and elastic for a longer period of time-flexible skin is definitely less prone to stretch marks. Make sure you apply cocoa butter both before sleeping and also after a shower as to ensure perfect moisturization of your skin.

9. Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a great option for dealing with many skin problems including stretch marks. It contains many nutrients that help treat stretch marks and other skin problems. Aloe Vera extracts have a soothing property that help increase cell growth and also reduce the appearance of stretch marks that too in just a few weeks! All you have to do is take an aloe Vera leaf and extract the pulp out of it and then apply it to the affected skin area. For faster and better results, you can also drink a glass of aloe Vera juice daily.

10. Lavender Oil:
If you notice stretch marks developing on your skin, lightly apply lavender oil over it. Continue doing so until the stretch marks fade gradually. The home remedy will slowly but surely give you visible results.

11. Lemon Juice:
Lemon juice is a good treatment for stretch marks. Cut a lemon into two pieces and squeeze the juice directly over the stretch marks. Being a good bleaching agent, the acidic nature of lemon will soon lighten the scars and make it less noticeable over time.

12. Honey:
Use a piece of cloth to apply honey on the stretch marks. Once dry, wash it with warm water. You can also try using a honey scrub as an alternative remedy. Scrub the scars gently with a mixture of honey, salt, and glycerine and let it dry for five minute before washing.

13. Moisturization:
This may sound quite simple, giving an impression that it might not work. But don’t just be carried away by the simplicity of this method. Research has shown that people who moisturize their skin daily after bath have a very less probability of acquiring stretch marks on their body. By applying a good moisturizer the elasticity of the skin increases, making it more flexible. Due to the flexible nature of your skin, even if you have a drastic weight change it does not result in stretch marks. Also, application of lotions on the stretch marks that are recently formed can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and in fact even prevent them from growing further.

The above mentioned ways and home remedies are the most effective and proven solutions to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. There are many other natural remedies that remove stretch marks including sugar, potato juice etc. Whatever may be the method you are trying to adopt, it is best to check with your doctor and make sure that it suits your body. While going for natural remedies you don’t have to put it much thought, unless you have a serious allergy to any of the substances that you’ll be using, but if you are adopting for unnatural methods like surgery, laser treatment, chemical peeling or any other new procedures, it is important that you consult your doctor who can advice and let you know if the procedure is safe for you or not.

You definitely must have heard of the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” So, instead of waiting till you are done with your pregnancy or neglecting stretch marks assuming that they will fade away by themselves, do take precautions to avoid them in the first place. This reduces a lot of complications for your body and retains your natural beauty.

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