Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Director of Laquintinie Hospital, Dr. Jean II Dissongo has been sacked

Andre Mama Fouda: Cameroon Minister of Public Health
Today, March 12, 2016, the Director of Laquintinie Hospital in Douala was sacked through a decree signed by the Head of State and the Prime Minister. Dr. Jean II Dissongo who failed to manage the crisis on which 31-year old Monique Kouamte died alongside her unborn twins in front of the hospital’s maternity was replaced by Dr. Njock Louis Richard. 

According to the new directives by the Minister of Health, Andre Mama Fouda, the management of health facilities will be more favourable for patients in Cameroon. This includes immediate care and without a payment condition in life-threatening emergencies. 
“We will implement these provisions immediately. I must say that these requirements are timely for giving back credibility to our public hospitals. They are necessary and beneficial and provide visibility into the health system in Cameroon. We’ll have a debriefing session of this meeting and make a crop. Immediately, we will revive our entire health system through training to home not only the hospital staff, but also of all stakeholders in the chain, namely: security guards, hostesses, porters, medical, para medical etc. “, said Dr. Richard Louis Njock after meeting with the Minister of Public Health, Mama Douda in Yaounde.


  1. Mr Biya sack this clown of a minister too,for utterances which rediculed our medical system and country as a whole

    1. You are right.He too must go.