Monday, 4 April 2016

Dencia shows off "her kids and their father" (photos)

Today, Dencia got her fans all confused when she shared a new clip of her niece Jojo, her nephew Ethan and the father of the beautiful children on her Instagram page, with he caption: “My kids and their father, they are growing up so fast.”

The Whitenicious boss quickly clarified confused fans in her comment section by saying: ” I didn’t birth them, my sister did but they’re technically my kids,” she said.

Weeks ago, a fan asked Dencia why she has never been sexually linked to any man. This is what Dencia had to say to the fan...
“My life is still super private,” she said, adding, “No one will ever know who I [am] dating or date, when I have kids, etc. People only know what you put out.” 
Meanwhile, the "African Energy" singer also clapped back at a fan who called her out ONE MORE TIME about bleaching her skin, and the response is simply epic.

See the exchange:

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