Monday, 4 April 2016

Davido weighs in on the Wizkid vs Linda Ikeji's brouhaha

Sony Music Global signee, Davido who was spotted hanging out with Wizkid after their show in Congo Brazzaville has taken sides with his new 'mate', Wizkid in his fight with Linda Ikeji

Davido shows off his Yeezus with the Confiderate flag
Davido shared a video which shows himself and Wizkid holding each other while he yells ‘F**k the blogs!’, a statement assumed is targeted at Linda Ikeji. This comes as a surprise as Davido has never had issues with the top blogger in the past.

Somebody please advise these kids...Davido definitely forgotten his Song deal when flaunting the confederate flag. I can see an apology loading...


  1. Fuck the blogs for real. It's the same bloggers that say wiz kid bought a house and same bloggers still say he rented. What d hell is their business in Wether hes renting or not.
    Sometimes ein. My pole just mind their business.
    Kinnaka thanks for the reported speech.fuck the blogs except kinnakas blog and those not doing blogging for cheap popularity

  2. ‘F**k the blogs. F**k kinnakas blog too. lol

  3. Kinnakas are u a blogger or a reported speech blogger because all your F***K blog shits I have read it some other places like for real u ain't got no F***k outstanding thing. Reasonable people blog for charity u F***k bloggers block to have cheap and useless popularity F***k Linda the beach smelling pussy blogger Fuck F***k all u mudafuka bloggers. Like for real B***tches ain't loyal fuck all u bloggers