Friday, 29 April 2016

Co-founder of BrightenMi, Lily shares super sexy photos with an inspirational ode (photos)

Co-founder of BrightenMi and style blogger, Lily just brought a whole new meaning to word the SEXY! The Leggy beauty treated her readers with some stunning photos of herself in a lingerie bodysuit, sheer shirt and a very inspirational Ode. This is what she wrote...
I have a natural inclination for a peaceful, quiet and secluded life; and given the complexities of human relationships, my choice to be single, has been by far the most gratifying experience at many phases of my life. Nothing compares to the solace one gets from finally letting go of hopeless and futile circumstances. You can once more rediscover yourself and maintain your sanity.
As I mature, I realize it no longer serves me right to explain, defend, or justify any of my actions. Whether it be my agnostic views, my sexuality and orientation, or my refusal to subscribe to popular religious, socio-political and cultural dogmas.
I am what I am; goal-driven. A non-conformist. Passionate in love. Strong-willed and open minded. Kind, but not meek. Generous, but not foolish. Inquisitive, but not nosy. Emotional, but rational. Your quintessential Pisces! I’ve come to terms with it, and think the world should too.
I know who I am, and what I have to offer- get to know me better. If your presence in my life depreciates more than it appreciates my value and overall happiness, it would be better we kept such a relationship at arms length. Sometimes in life, it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.
And for the visitiors wondering what I use to keep my skin radiant and blemish-free, try BrightenMi. It’s a a skin care line that was developed to cater to blemishes and acne.
I hope you enjoyed today’s post and look forward to seeing you next Friday.
See the photos she shared below...

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