Monday, 18 April 2016

Cameroon's Constitution to be revised in view of the holding of early Presidential election

Romour has been making rounds on the streets that President Paul Biya and his government are planing to call for early elections. The Emergence daily newspaper claims that there is more to the rumour as parliamentarians will soon be called to address the issue.
“According to a very influential member of the government who received us in his office around midnight last Friday, provisions have been made for the revision of the Constitution to happen in the month of May, unless last minute changes,” the newspaper said. About the day, “the exact date has not been clearly stated by our source who is very close to President Biya. This indicates that they are in the oven and the mill for this deadline to be held in “peace”. Also, it is assumed from our exchange with our source that “it will be in a special session that will be called by the President of the Republic Paul Biya“, Emergence daily newspaper reported on their in April 2016 edition.
 According to Emergence Daily
“funds are being mobilized to organize the election. “The parliamentary session of March should give rise to a deposit of the bill amending the Constitution of which opposition parties did not riposte, since the text itself is already completed. We now reflect on how this review should happen, “ we learn

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