Sunday, 3 April 2016

Cameroonian Teacher Meets His Tragic End In Thailand (photos)

A Cameroonian, Abongwa Terence, met his untimely death this morning around 5am in South Thailand. The teacher was involved in a motorbike accident in front of Wangwiset Hospital in Trang province of the Asian country.

Mr Abongwa reportedly hit an electric pole while returning from a Cameroonian monthly meeting that was held yesterday and which he attended, and left this morning. The Cameroonian community especially those who saw him at the meeting have still not come to terms with the news.

At the time of writing this report arrangements are being made to take his corpse to the Trang hospital mortuary as the Wangwiset Hospital where the photos below were taken doesn’t have a mortuary.

Death from motorbike accidents by Cameroonians is becoming a phenomenon in Thailand. It should be recalled that on February 15, 2015 a Cameroonian man by the name Egute Gaitang Agyingi also died in a motorbike accident

See photos from the accident scene below...

Photo credit: Alafnet


  1. May his gentle soul rest in peace

  2. Ooh Lord. May his soul RIP. Cameroonians should stop using bikes in Thailand. This is not fair. People keep dieing.