Friday, 1 April 2016

Cameroonian singer/TV presenter Zinnia just made it big in Nigeria!!! (video)

 Zinnia just made it big in Nigeria! The former Mutzig winner and one time Brightphase and BAAM member scored a new TV station, HFTV which will be launching on YouTube first. Then mainstream Africa launches next week Wednesday April 6th 2016. Definitely looking forward to it...she is super talented! Congratulations Zinnia! 
Watch some excerpts of Zinnia doing her "thang" in a video below...


  1. awww i love her. Congrats Zinnia

  2. Woww happy for Zinnia. Hope this will be the "it " for her. I do follow her on IG and she has a couple of videos on there. From her interviews with some Nigerian Musicians. Been following her since the days of Bright phase and Baams. Musically it's not really been fair on her. She got the vocals and all but.....
    Recently she was signed to MC Galaxy's record label but it seems she left.
    Zinnia we are waiting for Bongo video ooh. Kudos keep it up. You, Krystn and Joan Ngomba are flying the 00237 flag in Nigeria.

  3. Congrats Zinnia. We are waiting for Bongo video ooh. It's such a jam.I remember Ndoms screaming at the top of her voice during the Mutzig competion. Keep the good job darling. Hahahaha now know why I got followed by Hftv on IG.