Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cameroonian man stabbed with a bottle in Thailand

A Cameroonian man was stabbed with a broken bottle by his friend in a bar in Bangkok, Thailand last weekend. According to our source, the two Cameroonians had a misunderstanding while drinking, and before anyone could settle their issue one picked up a bottle and stabbed the other.

The stabbed guy was immediately taken to the hospital where is recovering steadily. Names and photos have been withheld by Kinnaka's Blog.


  1. Na waooo. Cameroonians and weird things.

  2. Na wah for dese Cameroonians in Thailand oh..

  3. Ohhh its official...wuna go back for many weird stuff going on in that Thailand...Its gradually becoming over becoming������.Wuna pack and go...Ah ah na only Wuna Waka come abroad...?? NA WETI???