Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cameroon Public Health Minister announces new practising guidelines

The Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda last week held a meeting with regional delegates of health and director of health facilities nationwide.

During the encounter,the Public Health boss detailed a series of measures that have been put in place to improve on the quality of services offered to patients in health units.

Some of the swiping reforms include;

-The institution of vital support to be offered in cases of emergency and payment to be required after the patient has been stabilised.

-Effective presence of the medical staff becomes compulsory.

-Basic medicines shall be made available in hospitals at all times.

-Heads of health facilities to carry out routine checks.

-In cases when evacuation becomes a necessity, the discharge and admitting health facilities must work in close collaboration to guarentee the safety of the patient.

-Henceforth, all health personnel including receptionists are required to wear badges that makes it easy to identify their individual role.

-Any person accessing a health facility must be identified.

-Health units should admit patients in relation to their available health facilities.

-Access to sensitive areas in the hospital must be strictly restricted

-A video surveillance system within strategic areas of a health facilty shall be put in place within six months.

-An internal audit is required every 30 days within first and second categories of health facilities in the country.

The Minister of Public Health insisted that the non respect of these rules will not go unpunished, while exhorting health officials to implement the guidelines within the shortest possible time line.

It is worth recalling that the public health sector have come under sharp criticisms from users who have been denouncing the laissez-faire attitude observed within health facilities in the country.

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source: CRTV

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  1. Minister FOUDA is not a public health boss please...he's simply an engineer appointed to make health policies which is dangerous for this country. An expert is supposed to anticipate and take sensible decisions before time.