Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Beyonce and Jay Z spotted together for the first time since "Lemonade" released (Photo)

When I was young and naive, I thought feminism meant all women standing together to make the world a fairer place for us all. However,  as I grow older and wiser, the word feminism has a whole new meaning to me now. There are sisters who do whatever they do for nobody but themselves, and call it feminism.

Beyonce seems to be one of those women pulling a wool over the eyes of many in the name of feminism. What does feminism even look like in 2016? Bey told us that "girls run the world" and before we knew it she was calling us b*tches and asking us to "bow down to her".  As for her latest album "Lemonade", well that is a story for another day. It might be worth noting that I am not a fan of Bey, nor am I a detractor; I tend to approach her and her products with skeptical distance. 

Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted (photo above) on a golf cart in Miami as she prepares for her first show for the Formation world tour on Thursday while the world focuses on cheating allegations! Can't help but feel sorry for those senseless Beyhives!

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