Saturday, 9 April 2016

Another Cameroonian Man Dies in Thailand (photos)

A Cameroonian man, Kevin Kuete, 28, died on April 8, 2016 at Bangkok hospital Thailand. The real cause of his death cannot be independently validated by Kinnaka's Blog, but a source says died from a heart disease yesterday. 

It is also our understanding that an autopsy bas been requested.

KEVIN KUATE, who got a job few months ago in an American Company.had his MASTER on January at “Dhurikij Pundit University” of Bangkok, where he was where playing basketball . A source chatting with says” One of our best Cameroonian basketball player in Thailand gone”

Photos below

This sudden news has shocked the Cameroonians community in Thailand who just last week lost a member of their community in a motorcycle accident. Abongwa Terence's who died on the 3rd of April 2016 (last week) remains are still in the mortuary of Trang hospital in Thailand and the Cameroonian community are trying their best to bring the body home.


  1. Anaclet Kevin Kuete, Kiki, passed away from heart disease.

  2. Nobody stabbed him and its not even his picture laid with the blood there. Its a huge misunderstanding the guy who got stabbed is still alive at hospital and it was his friend who stabbed him

  3. the Cameroon saga in Thailand is getting too much. so many deaths since last December.

  4. Wehhh young guy like that..what's really going on na?? May his soul rip