Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A group of Cameroonian journalists demand 50 million in bribes from Paul Biya

A group of Cameroonian journalist headed by Serge Sabouang wrote to Biya and his government demanding 50 million as "financial support for them to organise a round table and a match in favor of the candidacy of President Paul Biya in 2018"

The journalists presented themselves as a "coordination of Cameroon Editors" who want to maintain peace and stability in Cameroon by making sure Biya wins the elections.

The round table on the theme: "Paul Biya: The Challenge of Freedom of Information" will be followed by a march the group estimates about 10 000 participants will take part. Serge Sabouang and his group have considered printing 20 000 t-shirts at cost of 20 million CFA francs. While 20 million CFA will be set aside for refreshments and the rest of money will be used for advertising and banners.

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