Tuesday, 12 April 2016

10 things Cameroonians face when studying abroad

Travelling abroad to study can be fun for most Cameroonians but it is definitely not easy as conforming to the norms of living abroad can be stuff for some. Meanwhile, those who travel abroad are seen as being financially buoyant and perhaps lucky to have been able to go there. However, not everyone knows the major challenges they go through there or the scrutiny that comes with their nationality and the continent they come from. Find below some of the things Cameroonians who study or live abroad go through:

1. Why did you come all the way here?

To look at your road maps. Most Cameroonians are tired of being asked this question while they are studying abroad. 

2. You speak English so well, where did you learn it?

Cameroonians get questioned about their way of speaking and mannerism. Must Cameroonians speak funnily before the world confirms their identity? Is Cameroon presumed to be that primitive?

3. When they go shopping for groceries and no Cameroonian food item is in view

The expression on the face of a typical Cameroonian changes to this upon discovering this. They immediately assume they would die of hunger there.

4. When your relatives back home keep asking for gifts even though they know you are a struggling full time student

5. You are from Cameroon? I know a couple of people from India

Okay, so what’s the correlation? Cameroon and India…

6. When you hear a white kid telling the mother to shut up

Like seriously? Did that kid just do that?

7. When certain privileges are not opened to non-citizens

8. When people constantly want to touch your hair

9. When no one gets to call your name properly

And you could afford to call Schweinsteiger?

1o. When your luggage is being searched at the airport

Please, do not remove the dried termites


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