Tuesday, 29 March 2016

University student burnt to death in Ngaoundere

Twenty one year-old Mahatmad Baha, student enrolled in a Master Degree Program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ngaoundere has been ravaged by fire.

The event which occurred on 27th March 2016 on Easter Sunday has kept many wondering as nobody could determine what caused the fire.

Neighbors however affirmed that a huge fire erupted after an explosion was head in the room that evening.

In spite of the efforts put in to save the life of Mahatmad, the violent flames were hard to contain.

After the fire was quenched, the remains of Mahatmad Baha were found in his bathroom and taken to the Ngaoundere Hospital Mortuary by the Police in Patrol at 9pm.

Evidence gathered from the scene points to the fact that the victim must have been seeking for refuge in his bath room where the flames were not as intense, unfortunately before getting there, a great portion of his body had already been consumed.

In the absence of substantial evidence, speculations are rife that there must have been a serious leakage of his gas bottle.

Due to the consistent electricity cuts, it is believed that the deceased in the course of lighting a candle ignited the gas from the bottle leading to explosion and flames.

Source: CRTV