Friday, 18 March 2016

Tilla tenders an apology

Former New Bell artist, Tilla aka The Godmother is on the quest for a new identity. The Girls U Nova Ndem singer and rapper took to Facebook to share the following powerful words to her fans and well wishers.

"I've said NO! to many great ideas.I've shut many people out of my life.People who supported me and truly wanted to see me grow,all because of my EGO and PRIDE.I have been ignoring the complain of me isolating myself and not being interactive.Today,I put down that ego and pride and take up the virtue of humility.I just want to say am TRULY SORRY if anyone got affected in any way. Lets start this all over again. Lemme reintroduce myself. My name is TILLA."
A wise man once said “...talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.”  

Watch Tilla's Girls U Nova Ndem video below.


  1. I remember u blocked and insulted me because i told u to try and stay away from the jovi/Stan wahala. now see were u have landed ur self? the same team u supported and made enemies with so many pple trying to back them up, the same pple u defended so bad and dropped down to an arrogant good for nothing artist. well i am happy you said u are sorry, now go to ur block list and unblock everyone u block because they tried to advice you. My name is Anonymous am sorry i do not wanna be ur friend again. Good Luck!

    1. ��������Wandas