Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Three empowering messages from three women to mark Women's Day on Kinnaka's Blog

As a way of celebrating the international Women's Day, Kinnaka's blog reached out to three women thriving for a positive impact on society through their work and way of life. 
The following are empowering messages from them...

I asked myself who am I...

Society told me I was not smart , they said I did not have the best smile amongst my peers and so if anything was to be given out it would never be given to me but it will be passed on to my "betters " so they said.

Society said I was too fat and I had a bad body shape so I was not fit for major roles at my drama club as people won't notice me that well.

With all these I became inferior I was shy and I did not love myself at all I never saw the best in me. I knew I will just live life as it came and die when time comes. Years after I had an encounter with my older brother who could tell I was suffering form inferiority complex and he managed to talk me out of that state of mind and today I want to tell you who I am .

I am a Smart woman of very high intellect

I am very confident

I am the woman who has refused to to live her life like a shadow

I am a woman that is shaking the world

I am also that woman who want's to to speak to you today about who you should be .

Until you celebrate yourself no one will celebrate you , never chose to live your life based on what society tells you . Shake off every negativity of your past and embrace the same confidence that I share and make the most out of life.

Make your life to be a point of attraction with what ever you do

happy women's day

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Tebid Honorine
Motivational Speaker 

Happy Women's day to All Women of the world .
You are beautiful, you are powerful and you are the mothers of the world.


Don't be imprisoned by someone else's opinion of you! God says if we are going to be like Him , we have to love like Him and show love! Love doesn't have any "comma ". Love doesn't dress up in tribal clothes, love doesn't dress up in hate, love doesn't dress up in political attire nor does it dress up in status or class or poverty or riches. Love is simply love.

Let us show love and respect for each other. Elevate each other. Keep hate and jealousy aside and be our sisters keeper.

The day women will Respect and love each other genuinely the world will be a better place and we can all work in harmony for a better tomorrow.
Lots of love...xoxo.

Stephanie Bants
Mother. Wife. Model and Actress

One of the lessons I learnt from 2015 is, define yourself or you will be defined and owned.

On a beautiful day in August(few days to my birthday) a 'prominent' association in Cameroon gave me an award of excellence and praised me as being one of the best in the media landscape in Cameroon etc etc. There was applause & in less than no time it was up on social media. The messages of praise started streaming into my phone. A few hours later, the same association in same venue released an official,national book which painted me black, called me worst.News about the publication spread wilder & faster. It became national story featured on cover pages. I had too many calls n texts, my phone crashed. Actually, more than just my phone crashed.Someday I will tell this story ....am still processing it.

Does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and salt water? Not logical but sometimes the people who tell your story can be like the spring bringing forth salt n fresh water. Sometimes the one who calls you friend at dawn brands u enemy by dusk, the one who says you are the most handsome man God created , uses your name as code for ugly.
Try giving your phone or computer multiple instructions at once and see what happens. Same thing happens to us when we try to soak in different versions of our stories, told by different authors.

Its not what you are called that matters, its the name you answer to.

The pen that writes your life story (the version you own and believe) must be held in your own hand.

Ladies, discover [your] purpose, have a vision, and live a purpose driven life.

Comfort Mussa
Journalist, Creative Writer. Advocate women's rights

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