Friday, 4 March 2016

The Principal of Saint Joseph’s College Sasse issues a statement on the death of a student?

The current principal of Saint Joseph’s College Sasse Fr. Peter Nouck allegedly issued the statement below following the alleged Murder  of a form 4 student, Awuma Marius, 15, by a lowersixth student(s). 

Kinnaka's blog cannot independently validate the authenticity of the statement, however it is being circulated on social media platforms as a statement from the principal. 
This is the statement...
The other side of the coin:
Hello group. Greetings. I here by announce the death of a former 4 student who fainted in the cause of jogging in preparation for the physical fitness for the mountain trip that was to take place on 4th of March. He was rushed to Mt Mary hospital were he died after the prompt intervention by the doctors there with oxygen and other treatment.He had spent five months in Sasse.The funeral announcement shall be announced later. Good to know that his death has nothing to do with brutality. The students went jogging with eleven teacher who accompanied them and we're to go with them as usual to the mountain. I have authentic pictures of his corpse after his death taken in the presence of his family which for ethical reasons shall not be put on this forum and the medical report not the photo shopping which I see on face book etc and in authentic reports for what reason I cannot tell.. Anything can go on on Internet but always strive for the truth brothers. I am making this announcement to you because it came up and I am a member.  God bless you brothers.
This is the press release from the principal of Sasse Fr. Peter Nouck


  1. You may fool the world but you can't fool God!

  2. this is a big lie am an eye witness of this case i was at mount mary hospital at the time he was brought and i was in front of the door of the bus that brought him i saw him carried out of the bus and i saw him been rushed with the truth about this from my point of view is that the kid was already dead before they even brought him and there was nothing done cause they just rushed him in and to prove that he was brutalized i could see the cane lines on his body and also one side of his chest was swollen probably because of internal bleeding so let nobody fool you guys this child was brutalized and killed before he was brought to hospital and to the principal let the truth be told instead of spreading lies just to protect a Godly institution God does not accept that.

  3. I have a very sad story that relates to this principals broda, bandi, am the guy who put that video on facebook and i have been havx threats from sasse guys, askx me to take it down....fuck dem....i dont trust that statement from the principal one bit, a bunch of hypocrites.....shiiiiiiiit

  4. I don't think a pricipal wrote this. This pathetic excuse a smoke screen written by a semi literate person who surely knows what happened to the poor boy. Rest in peace.

  5. The principal didn't write this. The "GRAMMAR" wow....

  6. Mr Principal or who ever u call yourself. I want you to know that God is not Dead. And for every lie (sin) there is a price. Save you from God's wrath be5 its too late.