Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Health Minister addresses the scandal at Laquintinie Hospital Douala

The minister of public health, Andre Mama Fouda, has refuted popular claims Monique Koumate died out of negligence from medics at the Laquintini hospital in Douala.

Speaking this evening during a press conference in his ministry to address issues relating to the dead of the 31years old woman and her 7 months  babies, the minister indicated the woman had already died before she was brought to the hospital.

He went further in saying it is medically ethical not to conduct operation on a dead woman indicting the actions of the niece of the decease.

This now gives a great indication, the director and medics at laquintini hospital will be spelt from any prosecution while on the other, the niece of Monique could be prosecuted.


  1. Everyone would surely die one day but truly yours is here as you proclaimed this statement over the death of this lady and her two innocent kids.

  2. Lies !! Merde ! so its already law in cameroon that the truth must not be spoken huh ? En tout cas Dieu vous vois

  3. His story ties to a great extent with what a med student who was on call dat day at d emergency unit in laquintinie hospital posted on our class page on watsapp...

  4. So it is also ethical that two others should go with the already death one ehhhhhhhhhhh..abonnnnnnnn , na do e go deyyyyyy? since the woman was death,she had two live kids,according to ethics,they have to save the live kids by all possible means because first of all there are two of them,is that not medical ethics to save as much as possible? infact na God for pay wuna,4get about that wuna fake broke ass law in Cameroon because it never apples,they only follow shadows,embezzle public funds,all of 'em will rot in hell one day.It happended so cuz the guy and his poor late wife did not have any attachment to a Top Government official,they are peasant....anyhw #naGodgetpower...i just regret cuz the guy in question is my very good friend and classmate in secondary school for that matta.